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Photographs and text by Marco Sacco

Naughty Nights is an (ongoing) reportage based on the visions during the wanderings to search a sexual partner for one-night stand. The one-night stand is the erotic manifestation of carpe diem, seizing lights into the darkness.

For too long this was the hidden face of our cities, now it’s only the hidden face of our false morality. There are scathing lights into an universe based on primitive impulses, justice, violence and madness. An universe that not judge, but makes us judges, guilty and victims at the same time.

The shadows and the bodies aren’t fixed into single moments into the photos. Gritty and raw, the blurry images create a feel of never ending wait. Personal sensations became the common awareness of the society.

The night runs along the roads leading into the void where cars, with their human cargo, moves through the glow of the city. This raw material is the reality of the world. It is the landscape of perceptions that we encounter on a daily basis: scenes in and out of our view.